207 (Croatia)

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Vedran Pusic aka 207 might just be the giant of the European Dubstep scene – literally and figuratively. Starting out as an old-school hip-hop producer back in the day, Vedran has experienced great progression through sound and he consistently spares no effort on solid music production.

The Croatian don remains one of the most reoccurring artists of Outlook Festival, which he had visited for the first time in 2010. His characteristic sound, saturated with sharp drum samples, can unexpectedly kick into a higher gear and completely change the dynamics on the dance floor. The best example is his debut album on M.U.D and his collaborations with players like Caski and Nurve, which are like a big nod to such deep dubstep legends as Biome or Kryptic Minds. He can count on the support of the largest (his productions regularly hit sets of J:Kenzo, Joe Nice, Distance, Truth) when it comes to his output.

With the best selling Dubstep album of January 2018, featuring a remix by Caski and collabs with Kodin, Nurve and Sqz Me, 207 is not slowing down. His name has also appeared on leading underground 140 record labels - Sentry Records, M.U.D or Duploc, to name a few, and it's more than certain it is just the beginning!