Argo (France)

Hailing from the banlieue of Paris, currently based in the capital Argo has spent almost a decade earning himself a reputation as one of the most recognizable French 140 producers.

Having grown up surrounded by hip-hop, dubstep, grime, the 1990s & 2000s video games and sample music, he finally found his place in the bass-oriented space and began carving his own productions at the age of 17. Having only downloaded a copy of Fruity Loops back in 2013, he began to channel his huge range of influences and ideas into a sample-inflected blend of sounds. 

Totally bending genre boundaries, he started developing a unique derivative of dubstep, filled with lingering bass textures, trap-like drum rolls, broken atmospherics and chilled out harmonies, often very mysterious and thought-provoking. The unmistakable style he developed quickly caught the attention of the UK Dubstep scene and some of its pioneers which was followed by a number of vinyl & digital releases on the most respected labels in the scene such as Artikal Music UK, Encrypted Audio, Sentry Records, White Peach, Vantage Records, NSX, among others. By now also appeared 10 volumes of his Bandcamp self-release series, showcasing the vast catalogue of his recent production work, called “argobeats”.

Argo’s output ranges between nostalgic and sinister, to joyful and club-oriented, to music to sit down to - inducing calm and reflection. Always keen to explore new musical paths and learn new approaches to sound design, his creative process often draws from hip-hop, which he passionately transfers into his own instrumental, sample-based beats. His compositions of this sort were open-heartedly welcomed by the YellowFlower imprint, releasing quality hip hop & rap and run by the White Peach Records head honcho Zha

Over the last couple of years Argo has established himself in the scene playing in France as well as in the UK, Sweden, Belgium, Germany & Poland. With such a rich musical output and many fresh forthcoming projects on the horizon, there’s undoubtedly an encouraging future ahead for the Parisian wonder.