AxH (Colorado)


AxH, a name synonymous with underground bass music, has been fervently dedicated to the craft for nearly two decades. He initially made waves under the moniker Prodigal Son, churning out Ragga Jungle and Drum & Bass tracks that earned him worldwide praise and recognition. It was in 2006, while serving overseas in the U.S. military, that AxH discovered his passion for Dubstep, a genre he has fervently explored and innovated ever since. His musical journey began in earnest in 2004, and his talent has taken him all around the globe to support his numerous releases.

AxH's unique sound is characterized by its deep, dark, and heavy style, often featuring his original compositions. He made history in 2013 when he became the first American DJ and producer to sign exclusively with Tempa Records. This partnership quickly bore fruit, with the release of the "Destroy EP" in February 2014, followed by his feature on the world-renowned "Tempa Allstars 7" compilation in the summer of that year. The momentum continued with the release of the much-anticipated "Numbskull EP" on Tempa in 2015, backed by other collaborations with notable labels such as Wheel&Deal Records, GourmetBeats, and New World Audio.

The years that followed brought more exciting milestones. AxH collaborated with Duploc in 2017 on an EP that further cemented his status as a leading force in the genre. In 2021, he marked another significant achievement with the release of "Monkey Brainz" on the Artikal Music UK, and the compelling "Hands of Time" EP on IN:Flux Audio. These releases have only added to his formidable reputation, showing that AxH is not just content to rest on his laurels.

With a career spanning multiple years, AxH continues to evolve, ever in pursuit of new horizons. The relentless energy and creativity he brings to his music, coupled with his strong presence on some of the world's finest labels, make it clear that AxH's influence will continue to resonate. As he consistently releases fresh, original music, collaborations, and remixes, AxH shows no signs of slowing down, much to the delight of his dedicated fans.