Breakfake (United Kingdom)


Breakfake is a DJ & producer based in Leeds, UK. His musical repertoire varies across a wide spectrum blending elements of roots with contemporary bass music.

Coming from a live music background, his taste shifted into the electronic music scene after attending a couple of sound system events in the UK back in 2007. As he learned more about sound system culture and dubplate aesthetics, he joined the Dabsolis crew hosting a radio show pushing deeper shades of dubstep.

Since then he’s been performing internationally, from large stages at festivals such as Outlook Festival, Boomtown and Shambala, to renowned nights such as Subdub, Highrise, The Mine and various local nights across Europe. He has recently begun to incorporate live elements to his sets, and now offers both DJ or live set performances.

DJ sets are primarily focused on 140 / dubstep (both new and old school flavours), but not limited and can contain roots, reggae, dub, dancehall, grime. LIVE sets are performed in the form of live dubbing and contain 100% own productions using mixing desk, Push, external sequencer and analog effects such as spring reverb, siren and echo.

Currently signed to labels such as Wheel & Deal Records, Firmly Rooted Records, Hold Tight Records, Transient Audio, Peaky Beats Records