Content (United Kingdom)


It is extremely hard to find artists today, who so consistently break almost every pattern associated with Dubstep while keeping so well what catches the ear and touches the soul, like this guy. Hailing from London (UK), Tony Riley aka Content has been a great example to follow for a number of bass lovers and it’s safe to say that his now almost a decade-long input (alongside such legends as Distance, Sleeper, Biome, Mesck or Nomine) has visibly shaped this deep, murky and oddly disturbing side of the genre that many agree to be timeless. From leading 140 record labels including Innamind Recordings or FatKidOnFire to Californian Sub Pressure to his own Encrypted Audio to a multitude of self-releases, this veteran has delivered some of the most distinctive and bar-raising works on the scene.

His urge to support and promote fresh, quality sound abounded in plenty of projects and initiatives — from founding Encrypted Audio (the hot spot for like-minded musical individuals whose offbeat sound cannot be lumped together) to his raising pressure levels series of mixes, called “Stealth” (in collaboration with FKOF) to forming the duo with Samba

When a bass enthusiast thinks of Content, the first thing that comes to his mind is the Encrypted Audio imprint, which he runs together with Deafblind since 2014. Tony and Rich are constantly pushing the boundaries and respecting the original sound system culture at the same time while providing a unique platform built on mutual respect and loads of passion. The label puts out both twisted, loose and experimental, as well as catchy, almost danceable, future beats. Beats, which despite the differences have some common, hard to define, psychedelic (#CodedInSound) denominator with dubstep at the core, surrounded by various sub-genres of techno, grime, DnB vibes, garage or gully 130. Openness to the newcomers bringing fresh and unusual sound released in digital and vinyl series, and most importantly — quality ahead of everything else, have become signature features of the Encrypted Audio community.

Until now, the EA bossman had a chance to play numerous shows across Europe and tour the United States. He has also performed mixes on the renowned GetDarkerTV as well as CodedInSound/EA Takeover series on Subtle Radio always providing a top-tier, skillfully mixed selection of heavy-hitting, exclusive pieces of weaponry. As with anything, high-quality and consistency is key to gaining respect and recognition — and Tony epitomises implementing both with his own boundary-pushing productions and the outside-the-box material that he signs for release.