Ego Death (Colorado)


Ego Death (real name Jonathan Ross) is a dubstep artist born and raised in Detroit, Michigan, currently located in Colorado, USA. He started producing music quite recently, in 2017, but his great talent elevated him within dubstep music creators' ranks at a rapid pace. He is very active within the 140 bpm bass scene, not only as a DJ and producer but also as a proud owner of Elemental Arts - an internet radio and music marketing company. All together with Khonsu, he started the Samyaza Sound System, which specializes in deep bass music production and promotion. The cherry on top is that he is a mix coordinator for the renowned label, created in New Zealand by Jeremy Pattison, known as Kursk - Innamind Recordings.

You can hear his music on many other labels like Deep Dark & Dangerous, Duploc, Foundation Audio, CNCPT, Infernal Sounds, or Endz. If you want to buy his tunes for your DJ performances, you can get them in digital and vinyl formats via the best music record stores and streaming platforms or support him on Patreon.

If this multi-talented artist appears in one of the music clubs in your area, you must not remain indifferent to this gig. Hit your local promoters to make an event with his participation a fact. You can book him now via Dungeon Beats, do not hesitate to contact us!