FRMD (Belgium)

Belgium-based Georgio Roumans, formerly known as Zygos, emerges under a fresh alias exploring various genres, rhythms and tempos. With a continuous focus on the dark side of electronic music, FRMD has gone on to evolve into a multifaceted producer, implementing more and more diversity into his work.

Having a strong background in bass-driven, experimental sound design, FRMD puts his unique signature on everything he touches. Starting from rumble techno to heaty jungle and breaks, to murky halftime and bass, he’s been making moves towards a completely new and challenging musical path. This constantly evolving, cross-sectional approach to production is a result of a longstanding addiction to boundary-pushing sounds combined with a recent inspiration centred around artists like Blawan, Overmono, Schim, Airhead, Nikki Nair and TWR72.

Since the journey under the FRMD alias started, appeared his debut release on Outhouse Sound as well as featurings on the well-established Subtle Radio and, and within this short period he managed to gain support from some of the most respected and influential artists on the scene such as Madam X, Neffa-T or Samba. With a primary focus on the reputable labels such as Swamp81, XL Recordings, VOAM and re:flect, he’s consistently drawing new fans to his style, carving out opportunities to find welcome places for his versatile collection.