Ghast (Denver)


Ghast is a very talented and versatile artist located in Denver, Colorado. It is somewhat hard to lock him up within one music genre as he can easily switch between styles and tempos, which you can hear in his productions, mixes, and podcasts. The same applies to the climate of his tunes, which range from dark and murky to uplifting and positive. A common feature of his productions is a love for organic elements such as the sounds of live drums or guitar riffs. When asked about his inspirations, he points out the direction of personas like Amon Tobin, Noisia, Akkord, Innamind gang, Jon Hopkins, Lorn, Culprate, Flying Lotus - anyone who pushes sound design and inspires him to do the same.

Ghast released his music on Encrypted Audio, Overdue, Androids Dungeon Radio, Gradient Audio, Miracle Drug, Glome Sound, Free Love Digi, etc., and he is a resident DJ of Black Box events. His talent is widely recognized, and he receives support from Mala, Truth, Deep Tempo, Ternion Sound, Eich, Sectra, and Sister Mary. His DJ skills are remarkable, and attending a gig with him in the lineup is a must-be for any bass head in the area.