Grawinkel (Germany)


Grawinkel (real name Aaron Philipp) is a dubstep producer based in Dresden, Germany, who has been creating music for a decade and believe us, he knows what he's doing. Heavy and phatty but melodic stomper tunes with tickling hats are what he favors, and 2022 was very busy for him.

    His recent releases on such respected labels as Artikal Music, Infernal Sounds or WobWob Records have been very well received while getting attention and support from such veterans of the scene as J:Kenzo, N-Type, Bukez Finezt, The Widdler, Khiva, Distinct Motive, to name a few. He has many collaborations with other artists like Quasar, Roklem, Ramsez, Busted Fingerz, and Monch MC. Watch out when he visits your area because you should not miss it!