Hitman (Poland)

EU / USA: bookings@dungeonbeats.com

Hitman - a Poland-based producer, DJ and co-creator and owner of the Dungeon Beats project. Over the years, his music has been released on such labels as KWAIOTO Records (Japan), Iron Shirt Recordings (New Zealand) and Dirty Beats (RO).

From 2015 he’s intensively involved as a promoter and responsible for bringing key artists of today's dubstep scene to Poland: J:Kenzo, Kahn, Leon Switch, Nomine, LSN, N-Type, Vivek & more - appeared at events organized by Dungeon Beats.

Many years of experience and connections gained over the years allowed for the expansion of the collective's activities to launch a label and booking agency. Running an imprint resulted in the Volume One V/A Compilation - the release consists entirely of compositions by artists who headlined in the series of Dungeon Beats events and was released on a physical medium (in the form of a cassette tape - as a tribute to the old school). As a booking agency Dungeon Beats currently represents almost 50 top artists from Europe and USA, including Enigma Dubz, Riko Dan, Logan, Ego Death, TMSV, Hebbe, Ourman, The Untouchables and many more.