Hunter Reed (Cleveland)


Since 2013, Hunter Reed has been on a quest to discover his own unique sounds through musical production and sound engineering. After attending his first live electronic music event and being gifted his first music producing software, Hunter’s journey through sound and tech has been effervescent and unique to say the least. Beginning in the realms of moombahton, he was able to sift through the noise to find the sounds that make him tick. Upon doing so he landed on bass music, dubstep, left-field and continues to explore the realms further. 

Hunter’s inspiration for the music he makes now, is what he envisions the center of the earth to sound like. Putting your ear up to the crust and becoming enveloped in all of the sounds’ ominous reverb and oozing sub bass, deep from the core, Hunter aims to produce the darkest tones that others could only imagine. 

Joining lineups with dubstep legends such as Egoless, DJ Madd, and other up and coming artists like Chief Kaya, Hunter Reed shows he deserves to be here with his enchanting live performances of original and fellow producer’s tunes. Breaking all boundaries and pushing the limits of bass music as far as they go. Encrypted Audio and their deep discography continues to repeatedly come for the tunes of Hunter Reed and the diversity he has to offer with multiple heavy-hitting releases.