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Since its inception in 2011 by the visionary New Zealander Kursk, Innamind Recordings has cemented its status as an avant-garde bastion within the deep 140 bpm domain. Celebrating over a decade of influential existence, Innamind stands out for its commitment to quality and innovation, with a reputation that has rippled through the global music scene for 12 years.

Throughout its journey, Innamind has not only nurtured but also propelled the trajectories of an array of standout artists. The label's talent curation is notable, with the rise of formidable names like Headland, Sir Hiss, Bukkha, De-Tu, Josi Devil, EVA808, LAS, and many more - each contributing to a legacy of auditory excellence that echoes Innamind's discerning ear for groundbreaking music.

Marking a significant milestone, 2020 saw Innamind celebrate its 10th anniversary with a landmark tour that wove through the cultural tapestry of Europe, with memorable stops in Austria, the UK, Germany, the Netherlands, Poland, and beyond. These events showcased the collective energy of Innamind's artists, who have graced the stages of festivals and club nights across continents, reaffirming the label's global influence.

While Innamind is fundamentally a harbinger of dubstep, it transcends a single genre, consistently delivering a fresh and edgy sound that remains deeply rooted in the foundational ethos of sound system culture. The label's diverse releases span both vinyl and digital formats, ensuring that the tactile warmth of analogue and the convenience of digital coexist, catering to aficionados of all preferences.

Kursk continues to spearhead Innamind's odyssey into the realm of bass and beats, orchestrating seismic events known for their immersive, bass-laden atmospheres. Audiences worldwide have been captivated by these showcases, often selling out venues with the deep, reverberating essence of Innamind's signature style.

In its ongoing evolution, Innamind Recordings stands as a beacon of deep, cerebral bass music, unwavering in its mission to invigorate and challenge the auditory senses of listeners everywhere.