Opus (United Kingdom)

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Opus, recognized for his innovative take on the dubstep sound, began his ascent in the music scene with standout EPs like 'Sharpie'. As a classically trained violist, he brings a unique perspective to his music, merging orchestral elements with cutting-edge electronic beats. His artistic evolution is highlighted in his EPs such as 'Marbles', 'Crumble', 'This Damn Feeling', and 'Sneaky/Snidey', each reflecting his growing prowess in the genre.

Following these successes, Opus launched his debut full-length LP 'Basic Shapes' with the long-term record label White Peach, signaling a major advancement in his career. His recent US tour has solidified his presence in the American music scene and maintained his influence in the UK. Opus’s style, featuring live strings, breaks, and a diverse array of electronic music influences, sets the stage for an exciting 2024. Known for his dynamic live performances that showcase his energy and musical depth, Opus continues to demonstrate his versatility as both a producer and a performer, shaping his trajectory in the international music landscape.