Ourman (France)

Armand Gaste is a representative of the young generation of producers and DJs in 140 scene. Paris-based Ourman first started making dubstep around year 2015, but his musical background reaches the early 2000s. Stemming from his experience, Ourman picked up a guitar and then seeped into instrumental music for many years.

Being influenced by the bands like Rage Against the Machine, Archive or Massive Attack, Armand was always open to exploring new genres. He was first introduced to dubstep during his university years and immediately connected with the energy this sound was bringing. He started producing a couple of years later with a growing passion for deep dubstep, filled with oriental samples, powerful bass lines and tribal rhythms.

With releases on White Peach, FatKidOnFire, Foundation Audio or Duploc, he can count on the support of such producers as Quasar, Argo, ColtCuts or Drumterror and more.