Rhaksha (New England)

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Rhaksha aka Raven Averill, an accomplished international DJ and electronic music producer hailing from the United States, has carved an inspiring path through the vibrant realms of music. Her remarkable journey commenced within the intimate confines of a local New England venue, where she flourished as a resident DJ. However, her ambitions transcended these beginnings, propelling her to the bustling heart of the music industry in New York City. Here, she further honed her skills and established another weekly residency, solidifying her reputation as a dynamic and sought-after artist.

Notably, Raven's pursuit of musical excellence led her across continents and cultural landscapes. Venturing beyond borders, she embarked on a captivating European tour, immersing herself in diverse sonic experiences. During a pivotal phase of her career, she found herself dwelling in the artistic hub of the United Kingdom for an enriching span of two years. This intercontinental odyssey provided her with a global perspective that profoundly influenced her creative approach.

Rhaksha's magnetic presence graced some of the most esteemed electronic music festivals in Brazil and Guatemala, casting her vibrant soundscape over eager audiences. Her performances were not mere exhibitions of technical prowess; they were electrifying experiences that resonated with enthusiasts worldwide. Sharing the limelight with luminaries of the electronic music scene, she found herself alongside names such as Bassnectar, Truth, Ace Ventura, Mr. Carmack, Thelem, Grouch, Rinkadink, Kloudmen, Jantsen, Sukh Knight, Thriftworks, The Widdler, and Psymbionic. These collaborations enriched her artistic tapestry, as she seamlessly blended her signature style with diverse influences.

As she traversed her musical voyage, Raven's metamorphosis from an accommodating "wedding style DJ" to an architect of deep dubstep landscapes stands as a testament to her relentless dedication to her craft. A pivotal moment of realization led her to discover her true calling - the darker, deeper realms of dubstep. Immersed in the subsonic depths of this genre, she embarked on a transformative journey. Drawing inspiration from fellow artists who curated this distinctive sound, she embarked on a daring evolution that saw her traverse the chasm from mainstream to the avant-garde.

Her sets, once shaped by the desires of her audience, now reflect an authentic artistic expression. The throbbing rhythms, ethereal melodies, and intricate layers of her performances transport listeners to realms uncharted. This daring transition resonated profoundly with a burgeoning community of enthusiasts equally passionate about the evocative power of deep dubstep. Rhaksha's commitment to this genre earned her a special place within its evolving narrative.

From humble beginnings to global stages, Raven Averill's journey continues to captivate and inspire. Her story is one of unyielding determination, artistic evolution, and an unwavering connection to the transformative potential of music.