Riko Dan (United Kingdom)


The legendary Riko Dan (also Riko, his real name is Zane Williams) should need no introduction. He is one of the baddest and most dangerous MCs on the heavy bass scene, a real hurricane of energy, long known as the London City Warlord, and a longtime member of Wiley’s Roll Deep Crew and Cementary Warriors. Riko has been active in the UK since the 1990s and started his career as a drum and bass MC at the age of 15 on pirate radio stations. According to one of grime's founding fathers - DJ Slimzee - in his interview for Vice, he has: 

"(...) mad hype, good flow, and a unique style. You'd play a new track and it would never phase him, he'd spit a sick lyric and get the rewind every time. (...) He's a professional, he never messes up and he makes people go mad in raves. Proper legend, one of the best ever (...)”.

Riko’s authoritative patois, apocalyptic growl, and intuitive mic control could be heard on countless broadcasts on many different radio stations and live internet streams where he rocks it every time. His background in soundclash battles gave him unparalleled champion skills, so if you challenge him, he can swiftly end your career. There is no point in listing all the labels he has been on or all the artists he has collaborated with here, an enormous number of them and their humongous prestige is just overwhelming. He is a huge highlight in the lineup for every bass gig everywhere and anytime. Hold tight if he visits your area!