Roachee (United Kingdom)


Roachee, a grime MC and former member of the renowned Roll Deep Crew since late 2004, hails from East London. He is notably recognized for his contribution to Roll Deep's most famous grime track, ‘When I'm 'Ere’, featured on their album ‘In at the Deep End’. Known as ‘Mr. Roach’, Roachee is celebrated for his aggressive style and impactful lyrics, marked by a nonchalant delivery both on radio sets and stage shows.

He has ties with East London’s Ruff Sqwad Crew, with numerous pirate radio sets and tracks like ‘All Day Long’ produced by Prince Rapid available on YouTube. His anticipated project, "Roach Material Volume 1", was released in 2012, followed by ‘The Nangest EP’ in 2014, showcasing his versatility with tracks like the hard-hitting dubstep number ‘Sith Lord’, released in 2010.

Roachee's recent endeavors have added significant depth to his discography. In 2022, he dropped the track "Madness", showcasing his evolving style. Collaborative efforts include "Awfull" alongside So Large and Silencer, and "East London", where he teamed up with Footsie and Discarda, further cementing his place in the grime scene. Additionally, he featured on DJ Square and DubApe's EP, "Ready And Ripe", expanding his reach and versatility.

Continually engaging with current events and global themes, Roachee expresses his unique perspectives through the art of freestyle. His recent works, along with a wealth of new music, are available on his YouTube channel, where fans can stay updated with his latest releases and artistic expressions.