Sebalo (Germany)


Sebalo from Cologne, Germany has been producing Bass Music for 10 years and working as a duo with Roklem since 2016.

Sebalo’s productions are rooted in the Dubbier side of the sound, while Roklem‘s sound leans toward the heavier side of the 140 spectrum. 15 years ago, they fell in love with Dubstep, therefore their collaborations lead to a diverse sound, fusing the original sound from the UK with more modern influences in recent years.

With consistent output since 2017, Roklem and Sebalo have released on labels such as Deep, Dark & Dangerous, FatKidOnFire, Silent Motion and Dirty Beats. They received support from artists like Ternion Sound, Truth, Distinct Motive, Enigma Dubz or Caspa to name a few. Hearing their own productions being played out at Outlook Festival 2018 and 2019 was truly a milestone for them.

They are residents at Silly Sounds Cologne and have played multiple venues outside of Germany as well. They have played alongside Enigma Dubz, Bukez Finezt, ColtCuts and more. In 2017 they founded SUB garden to support up-and-coming artists from around the world, now having released well over 100 tunes - the first vinyl appeared in October 2021. Their enthusiasm for the genre has grown ever since and they can't wait for what's to come!