Substrada (Belgium)


Substrada (real name Charles Peckstadt) is a very fresh, talented, and versatile artist from Belgium who has been making quite a stir on the 140 bass scene in recent years. 2021 was a milestone for his music, and since then, he has not let himself be forgotten, which was honored with a nomination for the DUPLOC Dubstep Awards as a "breakthrough producer."

Substrada releases, digital and vinyl, receive support from such big names on stage as Mala, Sicaria Sound, J:Kenzo, Ternion Sound, Distinct Motive, Bukez Finezt, Hebbe, and Epoch, to name a few. His bass-oriented music could be characterized as dark, energetic, suffocating mass bursting of heavyweight bass madness.

His top-notch heaters have appeared in the releases of such labels as Basskruit / DUPLOC / Infernal Sounds / FatKidOnFire / Locus Sound.

Additional proof of his versatility is the fact that he is a graphic artist specializing in modeling/sculpting and texturing characters with a focus on cinema and computer games.

His future promises to be phenomenal, and you should keep an eye/ear on him without a doubt.