Taiko (United Kingdom)


Taiko aka Louis Robson is a prime example of the young generation of bass music artists whose open-minded approach towards music creation is palpable in every song he writes.

Hailing from Sheffield, UK, Louis had been growing up with different musical inspirations around him. Starting as an aspiring rock/metal drummer in his adolescence, it wasn't long until he discovered and fell deeply in love with electronic music and ways of generating new, exciting digital sounds. Therefore began the process of searching for a musical space, until dubstep broke into the mainstream for a brief moment. Then he discovered 140bpm niche, which sits very well with his creative flow.

Taiko's ability to weave funk or jazz sound into his bass-heavy percussive productions is both impressive and hard to copy, making it his characteristic feature on UK bass music scene. His musical output can be found on many renowned dubstep labels like Deep, Dark & Dangerous, White Peach or Subaltern Recordings.