Zygos (Belgium)

Contact: bookings@dungeonbeats.com

Embedded within the Belgian dubstep scene, a scene that's become a hotbed of fresh forward-thinking bass music, Zygos has found himself firmly at the helm.

Obsessively on the buttons, since his dubstep addiction was ignited during school, he has grown into an unstoppable bass-driven force. Following his emergence with a vinyl debut on Dubbing Sun Records in 2016 and then a release on Encrypted Audio soon after, the Belgian artist has gone on to evolve into a multifaceted producer, enveloped in a world of thick atmospheres and dark, inventive soundscapes. From trap-inspired bangers to hypnotic techno-hybrids made for a darkened sweaty club, there's always a fresh experiment coming from the Zygos’ lab.

Listen through his ever-expanding catalogue long enough and you'll identify influences of techno and legendary names such as Goth-Trad instilled within his sound design, leading to boundary-pushing, bar-raising work that regularly and justifiably features on respected labels currently driving the underground scene. From high profile records on Rarefied to Foundation Audio to Trusik, Zygos has delivered some of the most atmospheric, full-bodied dubstep you're likely to hear today.