Kwizma (Netherlands)


His rumbling bass and cutting edge sound design have captivated the creative minds of  people from every corner of the globe. He has worked alongside widely acclaimed  world-touring DJ’s such as Truth, N-Type, and Nomine (to name a few), as well as provided music for Indy video game developers, content creators, and dancers. 

Making an appearance at a wide variety of shows and venues is just the beginning. From a grimy townhouse in Bristol, to the giant concrete walls of a 40’s era underground Polish bunker, his music has gained traction in both the digital and physical world. 

He now has releases on renowned imprints such as UK’s iconic FatKidOnFire, collab with Nomine - ‘Monster’ EP on Deep Dark & Dangerous and Texas’ home-grown Silent Motion Records. With interviews and coverage from LA’s Bassrush and San Diego-based clothing label Dataset, it’s no wonder he’s peaked the interest of so many. His music also appeared on his very own record label Kuro Records, with which he holds the title of Founder together with two other legends in the scene - Leon Switch and Kelly Dean - both of which have joined him in creating a powerful trio known as NōTaN.